Date: 12-01-1995

Title: Secrets

Based on the novel ""The Other Anna"" by Barbara Esstman (1993). Growing up in Iowa before the Great War, Anna learns the long held secrets of her origins. Growing up in a privileged home, Anna's life is dominated by two women: her stern mother (Veronica Hamel) and her adoring Scottish housekeeper (Julie Harris) who fills Anna's imagination with Celtic legends and songs. But Anna's years of idyllic innocence end with the arrival of Hailus Tuckman (Gibson), a houseguest who charms all the ladies and leaves one -- the housekeeper's grand-daughter Edwina (Shae D'Lyn) -- pregnant. When Anna's family adopts the illegitimate child, Anna demands the truth about the child's father. Truth ultimate brings tragedy for Edwina and reveals long-kept secrets about Anna's own origins. Also starring Richard Kiley, and directed by Jud Tayor.
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