Date: 03-01-1998

Title: Gore Vidal's Lincoln

Based on Gore Vidal's historical novel, this four hour adaptation stars Sam Waterston and Mary Tyler Moore as the Lincolns. The novel traces Lincoln's career as he wins the Presidency and traces his public and private life to his death. Thomas plays William Sprague, the ""Boy Governor"" of Rhode Island who had to wait until his thirtieth birthday to be sworn in to office. He then raises his own regiment for the Union Army, paying for it with his family's cotton manufacturing fortune. He then pulls an Ollie North and sends guns through the blockade to the South in order to keep the cotton coming from the South to his family's business. The night before his father-in-law Samuel Chase is about to be sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Sprague and his cousin are trying desperately to keep from being indicted for treason. Directed by Lamont Johnson.
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